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Are You My Soulmate?

Family is not just for the Earthbound plane. Your soulmates travel with you, from life to life…providing comfort, connection, education and love.


As we move, though each human incarnation, we are part of a soul family that travels with us. This pack of beings are a huge part of overcoming the challenges, learning the lessons and completing the milestones of each lifetime, on our Universal path. From our romantic soulmate, or Twin Flame, to our Soul Pod group and even those who manifest, in our Earthly lives, as negative soul companions, it’s important to identify and embrace each of the energies, which we know from Home, and that have emerged, this time around, to aid us, guide us, test us and/or complete us. In this workshop, Sheena will help you to identify your soulmates…to find the people and animals, both living and dead, who are, or have been, essential to your life’s journey. She will teach you how to strengthen the emotional and spiritual ties, with your soulmates, and aid you in bringing in the beings whom you have not yet encountered, in this realm. Your soulmates are the tribe that the Universe has picked out, just for you…find them, embrace them, cherish them and learn from them. This informative and interactive class is only $25. To sign up please text Sheena at: 818-437-0886, email her:, or visit:  

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