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Find Sheena In The Media

Not only is Sheena Metal a popular psychic/medium and energetic healer, she's a prominent member of the media, who hosts radio shows, video broadcasts, an interfaith spiritual service, streamed live and is a long-time print journalist. She has also been a guest personality/host on numerous radio/TV programs and has been the subject of quite a few magazine/webzine/newspaper articles. From her always-in-demand radio programs on the Live Paranormal Radio Network, to her successful shows on Live Paranormal's Video Network, her sought-after Saturday Night Spiritual live broadcasts from Founders Metropolitan Community Church and her brand new web TV talk show on KGRA, Sheena brings her messages of peace, love, kindness and unity, to the masses, using both the airwaves and the internet. From the spoken word to the written word, she harnesses these various media outlets, spreading positivity, optimism, joy and light, through spirituality, enlightenment and global vibrational ascension. For more information, or to interview Sheena on your television/radio show, podcast, web series, or print publication, please text her at: 818-437-0886 or email her at:










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