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Sheena's Classes, Workshops & Webinars

As a psychic/medium, intuitive and empath, Sheena Metal also encourages others, to obtain evolvement, enlightenment and empowerment, as a teacher, motivational speaker, minister and coach. She frequently travels, across the United States, teaching live workshops, at both churches and metaphysical centers, as well as speaking at events, seminars and conferences. In 2019, Sheena began a series of monthly online webinars, to better spread her spiritual education and assistance, to a worldwide audience. From empath acceptance to self-love, crystal healing to spiritual protection, vibrational uplift to fear releasing, letting go of negativity to finding your soulmate and narcissist awareness to staying on your path, each workshop/webinar/class/talk is designed to strengthen your connection with Spirit, humanity, loved ones and, most importantly, yourself. For more information please text Sheena at: 818-437-0886, email her:, or visit:

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