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Sheena's Interfaith Ministry

Her Story

In 2017, Sheena received a download, from Spirit, that she was to become an interfaith minister. Having never really subscribed to any one religion, it had never occurred to Sheena to get ordained...even though she had often been asked to perform clerical duties, for weddings, memorial services, etc. Not knowing what the next step might be, a miracle gift came from the Universe, when she was introduced to Brian Carroll, the president of American Trinity University, after a speaking engagement, in Hollywood, on behalf of her movement. Brian, moved by Sheena’s talk, earlier that day, accepted her into the ordination program, at his institution, which was founded on the teachings of The Great Books of the Western World and whose ideology falls where knowledge/education meet faith/enlightenment.


So, on August 29, 2017, she officially became a minister and deacon, at ATU…the beginning of an amazing new path and, undeniably, her destiny. Then, in 2019, Sheena was asked by Keith Mozingo, the senior pastor, at the Founders church of the MCC (Metropolitan Community Church) movement, to join their clerical staff and to design an interfaith event for, which has become their monthly service. She now also delivers messages of peace and love, all around Southern California, guest pastoring at: the Unitarian Universalist Church of the Verdugo Hills, MCC United Church of Christ in the Valley and the Lavender Effect’s Virtual Pride Parade.


To guide others, through spiritual hope and belief, into better self-awareness, a union of love, and/or into their own beautiful metamorphosis to the Beyond, is a great responsibility, for any human being. And, in the last few years, Sheena has completely immersed herself, in everything that a good ministry can bring: to the many communities that she is proud to be a part of, to her city/state/nation, all of which she loves so very much and to the planet that Sheena has dedicated her entire life, to serving. She remains humbled, indebted and grateful, to all of the wonderful souls, who have helped to make this new journey effortless. The opportunity to see how Spirit works, through each living being, is her greatest honor. Sheena’s life mission is to make the world a more positive, connected and joyful place and her new transition into ministry has enabled her to find another way to do just that. For more information, please visit: and

Her Services

The following are among Sheena’s ministerial services.

A Union Of Two Souls

Sheena will officiate your wedding or commitment ceremony.

A Beautiful Transition

Sheena will preside over your loved one's funeral or memorial service.

A Confirmation Of Faith

Sheena will perform your baptism or christening.

Spreading The Good Word

A Purified Environment

A Happier And Healthier You

Sheena will speak at your event or place of worship.

Sheena will bless/cleanse your home and/or office space.

Sheena provides counseling and guidance for your spiritual balance and growth.


Sheena teaches classes and workshops to educate and enlighten you.


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