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About Sheena's Spiritual Practice

I Am Raising Your Vibration, is a spiritual outreach created by Sheena Metal, a psychic/medium, sensitive intuitive, emotional empath, vibrational motivationalist and interfaith minister, who emphasizes: the growth and healing of your energetic essence, soul enlightenment, chakra cleansing/balancing and rejuvenative healing, through clairvoyant counseling, consulting and guidance. She is the founder of, a global non-profit movement of peace, love, kindness and unity. 

I Am Raising Your Vibration is based in what Sheena likes to call her "spiritual salad bar" belief system, encompassing all incorporeal sects and combining the ideologies of: the Judeo-Christian religions, Buddhist/Hindu faiths, Celtic/Pagan traditions, Native American creeds, New Age/Metaphysical practices and Pacific Ocean beach culture. She channels directly from Spirit, often calling upon her knowledge of many varied otherworldly interpretations including: Universal/Angelic messages, Greek astrology, numerology, ufology and demonology; as well as the healing properties of crystals, candles, oils and herbs. 

Through I Am Raising Your Vibration, Sheena helps you to better understand your past/present/future paths, your personality and your destiny, in hopes of finding a happier, more emotionally-enriched and ethereally-connected self, by: dealing with your grief/loss, overcoming trauma, connecting with your loved ones who have passed, strengthening your personal vibration, building stronger relationships with others and developing your own extra-sensory gifts. I Am Raising Your Vibration is a guide to staying in the light, in spite of the distractions of darkness, both in the three-dimensional world and in the spirit realm.

Sheena believes that all things are rooted in one's spirituality, that happiness and peace come from within your heart and soul, and that a strong, yet pure, connection to your Higher Power is an essential part, of having a productive and balanced existence, thus manifesting, an elevated vibration. She also believes that the Universe is a delicate blend of light and dark energies and that, by surrounding yourself in positivity, optimism and joy, you can repel the negativity from within you and your environment, co-exist harmoniously and co-create passionately, with all of the creatures of a gentler, warmer, brighter Earth.

Each of us are perpetually expanding and evolving, as a constant outpouring of blessings and challenges are placed in front of us, every day. There is always work to do and there is always room to grow...and Sheena is always here to help you, on your journey. For more information, please visit:

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