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Sheena's Psychic Readings

Sheena Metal has been a psychic/medium, intuitive and empath for all of her life. After she founded her nonprofit,, Sheena officially launched her spiritual practice, and began, both seeing clients privately and performing her services, at public events. Currently, she divides her time between phone clients, individual chat/text readings and face-to-face sessions; the latter of which often take place at metaphysical centers, both locally and out of town. Sheena also sees clients, one-on-one, before/after her in-person workshops, at seminars, during conferences and at private parties/events. She helps clients, both human and animal, with issues of love, grief, health, prosperity, finances and spiritual uplift, as a predictive psychic, a spirit-channeling medium, an energetic healer, a chakra balancer and a spiritual counselor. For more information, please text Sheena at: 818-437-0886 or email her at:

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