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Sheena's Store: The Vibration Vortex

The Vibration Vortex is an online store created my psychic/medium, Sheena Metal, to supply spiritual students and seekers with the ethereal tools needed, to aid you on your path of evolvement and enlightenment. The store currently features: Sheena’s Good Vibrations Crystals collection of spiritual stones, her Good Bling crystal jewelry and her Good Burn incense and herbs, each designed to bring more happiness, health, prosperity, joy and love, into your life. Soon, Sheena will be adding her Good Fire scented candles, her Good Scents essential oils, as well as various spiritual accessories. All of the items, in the Vibration Vortex store, have been energetically cleansed, blessed and charged, by Sheena herself, with specific intentions for maximum spiritual benefit. For more information, please text Sheena at: 818-437-0886, email her at: or visit:

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