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Sheena's Client Testimonials

Here's what people are saying about psychic/medium Sheena Metal!

""Sheena Metal has been instrumental in changing the course of my life. From the moment I met Sheena, her intense presence of LOVE overwhelmed me. She truly does Raise Your Vibration! I continue to see Sheena and I continue to heed her readings and her advice. I am safe with Sheena and I know Sheena loves me. For this, I am eternally grateful and I recommend Sheena to all!"

- Rebecca Hennesy (Agoura Hills, CA.) 🔮

"Sheena is amazing !!! I have had a private session and other readings, on Facebook and on LA Talk Radio. She has helped me so much and so many times...she did an amazing cleanse and healing on me and I felt so free afterwards. She truly is a gifted soul and it's such a blessing to have her, in my life. Thank you, Sheena. So much!"

- Julie Laws (Elizabethton, TN.) 🔮

"Sheena is such a wonderful individual. I feel blessed to have had the chance to meet her, in person. Sheena gave me an hour reading and I’d recommend it, in a heartbeat. Sheena is easy to talk to and so understanding. If you’re thinking of having a service done by Sheena, you won’t regret it. Thanks for all you do, Sheena!"

- Katie Puchowski (Valparaiso, IN.) 🔮

“Miss Sheena Metal has been an excellent psychic and friend to me, for about the past two years. I ended up getting to know Sheena, as I was going through a rough time with a break up, after 9 years, and she was able to give me the encouragement to go on, yet help me understand why things happened the way they did and what was coming up. Since the first time I talked to her, I felt connected and surprised by all of the insight she offered. Sheena’s accuracy level is high up there, as she is able to tell me about the people I ask about, the way I know them.  She is able to pick up on an individual's characteristics, time frames, peoples personalities, as well as reach out to me and explain how I can deal with certain circumstances that I am having difficulty with. Her readings will put a smile on your face, no matter what you're going through. Sheena is able to make me laugh, when I am stressed or worried about something. Her jokes are hilarious and will turn your tears, of sorrow or stress, into tears of joy and laughter.  Super sweet, yet to the point, Sheena is very detailed in her readings and I like that she is a great listener and advisor, while offering good, constructive advice and an overview of the situation.  I appreciate that her advice is genuine and not sugar coated. She speaks from the truth, of the situation, but isn’t too harsh or judgmental. Whether it be my school, love life, or friendships, she's able to pick up on quite a bit. I will always turn to Sheena, as she has been there for me, through a lot, and is very reliable and able to be reached, when I need to schedule a reading. No matter what your concerns or questions, reach out to Sheena, as her gifts are truly amazing and will make you pleased and satisfied. I appreciate all of the help she has given me, so far, and will continue to reach out. To anyone out there looking for someone, who is sweet and kind, yet good at what they do, definitely reach out to Sheena. Thank you, Sheena, for always being a wonderful friend, psychic reader, and person overall, for being there for me, helping me throughout these last two years, both in small and big matters, and for always making me laugh and smile!”

- Abigail L. (Springfield, Ill.) 🔮

“I’ve so appreciated Sheena’s work, not only for offering her abilities and services, but also for offering her own advice and guidance as a truly caring friend. She, sincerely, is looking out for you and wants to help in whatever ways she can. She has a broad range of experience and talents and I look forward to working with her more.”

- Matthew M. (Dallas, TX.) 🔮


"I love working with Sheena. She gives guidance that is clear and easy to understand. Working with her, in person or over the phone, gives the same great results. I really feel that she comes from a place of love and acceptance. My daughter is working through issues with addiction and Sheena quickly identified and guided her to some activities and crystals that would help her focus on the positive and strengthen her self-esteem."

- Judy Turner (Lewisville, TX.) 🔮

"One can see from the wonderful things Sheena says and does that she is truly gifted and passionately driven by Divine love, for everyone. I did a session, with Sheena, and can say that she is absolutely phenomenal. She has many amazing gifts, including her highly effective psychic and counselling abilities, and if you’re her client, she will use them to identify, in your life, the aspects that require healing and the blocks on your path. She delivers the messages of the Universe, accurately, and tells it like it is. She will also work with you, to heal the areas that need healing and overcome the obstacles in your way, to help you to become the best you can be. Sheena has a very powerful, loving, uplifting and transformational energy that has so greatly blessed countless persons, including me, and she will certainly continue to have a tremendously positive and life-changing impact on the many more persons, the Universe sends her way."

- Viola Ramkissoon (Trinidad & Tribago) 🔮

"Sheena has been a Blessing to me. So happy I came to know her. My reading, with her, helped me in many ways and gave me answers I was looking for. Amazing insight. Very gifted She has compassion and love for all. Sheena IS a Blessing."

- Doreen Mapes (Burbank, CA.) 🔮

"Sheena really is a blessing to those of us seeking guidance and peace, in the midst of personal trials. She loves, she laughs and brings laughter, and she uses her gifts to help people who really want to make positive changes, in their lives. Get in touch with her and make an'll be glad you did."

- Jennifer Obakhume (Los Angeles, CA.) 🔮

"Sheena has been a calming force in my life. My mom hasn't been well. Sheena spoke to her and her outlook changed. My mom now has hope and believes she will get better and wants to.  Sheena's grace and compassion hit the nail on the head, with my mom's condition. Sheena continues to check in on my mom's health and sends healing, not expecting anything in return.  I personally had a consultation and I was blown away on the accuracy, of how my life was going. Her compassion was amazing and, although she had me in tears, they were also tears of hope. Her guidance was perfect for my situation.  I've had several spiritual consultations, but not one has been so on point and generous. I can't say enough about this amazing woman. Sheena will be in my back pocket forever."

- Debra M. (Pasadena, CA.) 🔮

"Got a reading from Sheena, during an event in Dallas, Texas. The reading was good, to the point and I got all the information I was seeking and then some. She gave a kind and loving delivery but solid message. When Sheena talks about spreading the love, you can feel her vibe, it’s real. You can feel her magic, she’s sweet, gracious and personable, win/win for you both. Blessings all around."

- Donna Reed (Dallas, TX.) 🔮

"I don’t know how I came across her site, but it had to be that I was led, to her, by my guides. I was ready for my message, to hear I was an empath. People have always said that I just make them feel better, somehow. Sheena has helped when I’ve doubted and been scared to really let myself go. She’s the best and I’ve taken her webinar classes and have learned so much. She’s an amazing, caring and truthful person."

- Carol Hernandez (Dallas, TX.) 🔮

I am writing this testimonial, as I want everyone that reads this to know how wonderful Sheena truly is. I have been taking Sheena's webinar's for sometime now and each and every time I do, I thoroughly enjoy them.  I know there are lot of people our there that are skeptical people who do not believe in spirits, spiritual readers and the like.  I will tell you Sheena is 100% genuine.  I had an incident where I actually had paranormal investigators come out to my house, that we had sold.  The activity was so bad and I saw it firsthand on the monitors, video, K2 meter, and I had pictures as well, from my nanny cam.  The investigators told me there was one attached to me and thst one of the spirits, in the house, was my mom. They gave me her spirit photo, which I now have. She looks like a beautiful angel and even has wings. Still, the other activity being so bad, we ended up moving. In this new house, I had questions, as I didn't hear anything.  I wanted to know that my mom was still with me, so I contacted Sheena.  We talked for awhile and then she told me that my mom was with her.  Sheena told me things that only my mom would know.  During our conversation, I had not told Sheena anything about the other house activity, or my mom.  Sheena helped release me from the pain of my mom's death, that I was holding onto since her passing in 2004, as we were so close.  We continued to talk and I felt a total peace of calm come over me that day, as well.  Since that day, I have heard things in my new house, but I know that my mom is here with me, as she lets me know that it is her.  For those of you that are skeptical and are unsure, please believe in Sheena and give her a call.  You will not regret you did.  It was the best session I have ever had. Thank you once again, Sheena, and for all you do always, with your readings and your webinars.

- Terri M. (Tucson, AZ.) 🔮 

"I don’t know how she does it...maybe I don’t need to...but Sheena is very high on the intuitive scale. But, more importantly, she truly cares about the well being of all beings. She’s remarkable."

- Bill, Funt (Los Angeles, CA.) 🔮

"My reading, with Sheena, was a conversation between spirit, Sheena and me. Felt like a conversation with friends. She was on point and so helpful and loving. What are you waiting for? Schedule your reading today!"

- Leslie Vincent (Laughlin, NV.) 🔮

"Sheena has the most amazing energy I've ever seen...and, of course, Molly the psychic cat! The reading, I received, was exactly what I needed to whitewash, no B.S....100% down to earth, honest & genuine. Highly recommended, she genuinely cares about who she reads for. Thank you, so much. I'm new, to all things spiritual, and wasn't sure if I was going through ascension, or not. My family thinks I'm just nuts. So, I thank you for your clarification, during my reading. It was extremely comforting knowing that I'm on the right path and making progress. Bless you, Sheena!"

- Deb Hyde (Campbelltown, Australia) 🔮

"I had a reading with Sheena in person, awhile ago, when she was teaching, in Texas.  When I told her that I was writing a screenplay about my religious experiences, she happened to say that it was going to be a documentary.  I did not know that at the time, but it turns out that it will be a documentary.  She was also correct about a paternity matter, that I have had for the last several years.  Like me, she has also had a near-death experience and also found that her spiritual gifts increased a lot, after that experience.  Sheena is truly gifted."

- Joseph King (North Richland Hills, TX.) 🔮 

"Sheena is truly a treasure. She's wise, funny, down to earth, always keeps it positive & real. Very professional, but also very easy going.

I have gotten tons of good advice and insight from her. Some of the things she has said, or told me, has sent shivers all throughout my body...confirmation that she knows what she is talking about. The real deal. Highly resonates. Crazy on point. She feels like family to me...very easy to talk too. And i trust her. I can seriously say good things about her all day. But you should find out for yourself...Highly recommend Sheena."

- Jessica Lauren (Suffolk, VA.) 🔮

"Sheena is an extremely talented, genuine, natural, kind-hearted and talented psychic/medium and a wonderful person!. She has helped me with my new spiritual direction and I have also seen her in action, helping my friends. She also provides powerful and delightfully entertaining guest lectures, for the students in my paranormal classes, at Citrus College, and has given me and my family personal readings. I could not be more impressed, with her abilities and compassion for others. A treasure! We love her! I recommend her wholeheartedly."

- Dr. Bruce Olav Solheim, Ph.D (Glendora, CA.) 🔮

"Sheena is a no-nonsense, heart-centric, gifted, mystic guide.  She has the ability to peer deep inside and see things hidden in one's own psyche, with an open heart, a New England sense of humor and a directness to bring it all out of the shadows and into the light. I’m grateful for her and her gift. It’s been a pleasure and honor to have you as part of my journey, Sheena."

- Rob Massoudi (Belmont, CA.) 🔮

"Sheena Metal is a super dynamo! She is always ready and willing to help anyone who is dealing with childhood wounds, relationship issues, emotional issues and especially depression. Her enthusiasm for life is infectious and she offers to all of humanity, a loving caring interaction with her. Simply put, I love her! Golden Arrow loves her!"

- Alexandra / Channeler of Golden Arrow (Lake Arrowhead, CA.) 🔮

"First of all, I consider myself extremely lucky regarding my relationship to Sheena on two counts: a) she's a very close friend on many social, artistic and professional levels but, more to the point, b) I consider her wonderfully wise and oh-so "tapped in."  I have been the recipient of her extraordinary psychic gifts on several occasions; a couple of times advice has been asked for, but in more than one instance, I've received a phone call with Sheena at the other end saying, essentially, "I've been thinking about you; is something going on?  What's up?"  And her timing is always spot on: I'm usually on the horns of some dilemma or other.  Taking it a step further, however...once she's diagnosed that there is an issue...her counsel is absolutely on point.  She doesn't digress into wild tangents, she's clear, very focused, anecdotal when and where necessary; there's nothing inaccessible about her advice and almost no "airy-fairy" concepts or terms.  She's a real person who talks to real people about very real issues from a profound spiritual place and at the end of every conversation...that I've had...I've walked away with either a spiritual game plan or a calmer sense of the problem or a clearer, brighter picture of events to come.  She's not a therapist...but you won't need one after speaking to her."

- Carolyn H. (Burbank, CA.) 🔮

"What makes Sheena an especially gifted spiritual advisor is that, not only is she genuinely tuned into Spirit, but she also truly cares about you. With Sheena, you aren’t just a client, you become part of her inner circle. She cares about you, checks in with you and gives you messages, from the Universe, sometimes even out of the blue. She pays attention, gives wise counsel and delivers messages from Spirit, in ways that let you know those messages are meant only for you, and are exactly what you need to hear, to lead you on your path to your next best self. I cannot recommend her highly enough."

- Jennifer G. (Ventura, CA.) 🔮

"Having readings from Sheena have been like therapy for me. She helps me see many different sides of a subject and gives me better insight, on those around me. It helps me approach things, in a whole new way than I originally considered. She has such a gift of understanding people and picks up on the depths of who I am, who they are, personal struggles, what we are discussing, what I am going through and what I need to do to move forward. Each hour reading brings me peace, hope and a unique understanding. She is really amazing and I plan on using her regularly."

- Loretta G. (Laguna Niguel, CA.) 🔮

"Sheena has kindly read for me a few times and her accuracy is 99.99%. Sheena is a gifted medium with an energy that will put you at ease, instantly. Sheena has told me things that no one else knew and, with my current situation, she has given me the strength to get through and find happiness again, in my life. Sheena's purpose, in life, is to be a lightworker. She will deliver spirit messages to you that are deep and meaningful, empowering you with the wisdom to heal yourself and lead you to your right path. Sheena brings a powerful and loving energy that will uplift you and leave you feeling peaceful, after a reading. Sheena has been a Godsend, imparting all of her spiritual wisdom, to raise your own vibration. I don't need to search anymore for a trusted psychic, because I have found a genuine and loving gifted medium. Thank you so much, Sheena, from the bottom of my heart."

- Kristine Morrow (Melbourne, Australia🔮

"I met Sheena last year, and she was so kind, warm hearted, and so talented! I’m so blessed to have her in my life!"

- MaryLee M. (Thousand Oaks, CA.)🔮

"I enjoy my sessions with Sheena. She has great insight and offers real solutions. I can’t wait for our next chat!" 

- Kimball P. (Sacramento, CA.) 🔮

"Sheena is amazing!!!!!!!!!"

- Anita N. (Dallas, TX.) 🔮

"Sheena Metal is an amazing psychic/medium!!! She's down to earth, easy to understand and relatable like your cousins, or aunt. I have had readings by Sheena and she was very spot on, with everything. She connects with source and gives direction, as she receives it. She also cleared my chakras on another session, which helped me tremendously and I've been more calm and peaceful overall, since then. As a pastor, she connects with people well with the wisdom her mama gave to her!!!"

- Eileen Gorman (Gilbert, AZ.) 🔮

"I met Sheena online through a mutual friend, while watching a Facebook Live show. She made me laugh and I immediately felt comfortable. I was invited to one of her Antique Ghostshow events, where I took part, in a séance, that Sheena hosted. I instantly saw an aura to and felt her insight, into the spiritual world. I felt a trust and hired her for readings and cleansings and I bought her crystals, as well. Her readings have given me sound therapeutic advice, from spirit. In everything she has guided me through like: work, relationships and my anxiety, with being an Empath...all of it came true . The advice from spirit, through her, with my work and people at my work was all right on. I highly recommend Sheena. She has helped my niece with her sorrows and bad relationship. She has helped me and my family tremendously and, better yet, she has also helped me to help myself, to be a better person.  I will continue to turn to Sheena, as my support and spiritual guide, because I know she believes in me and sometimes that’s all you need, to get to the place in life that feels right."

- Dorothy C. (Torrance, CA.) 🔮

"Sheena is not only a gifted psychic, she is a gifted coach. She sees what very few can see and she can help you decide what to do with that information. She's spot on and kind-- it's a win-win."

- Anji W. (Los Angeles, CA.) 🔮

"I received a reading from Sheena. She told me things, that I knew to be true, that in no way did she know about, at all. Several things have come to pass, that Sheena told me about. She is a compassionate person who goes above and beyond."

- Kim Rafter (Brasher Falls, NY.) 🔮

"Before I met Sheena, I was so lost in my spiritual journey and recovery, from my narcissistic Ex. She was really a saving grace in my life. I felt no judgment, whatsoever, from her. The things I kept to myself, she spoke to me about like it was no big deal, on her part. It meant a lot to me that she could see, what I was dealing with. I received an energy/chakra cleanse/healing from her. Before that, I suffered from headaches, for 5 years, from issues going on in my stomach and after that healing, my irregular menstruation was back, to once a month. I was in shock, and still am, at the aftereffects of her healing. She is kind-hearted, witty, and super understanding. I received messages from my loved ones, that crossed over. I am still under her guidance, through my journey as an empath. I recommend her services to anyone who feels like their situation is just too big, for regular folk to help with. My life is different after meeting Sheena. Her gifts are truly special and I highly recommend her services. You will not be dissatisfied, in any way."

- Janna L. (Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada) 🔮

"Sheena is the real deal. I have seen her magic work in front of a group, in private and even online. There has been more than one occasion in where I thought I needed comfort, in a turbulent world, and her insight has instantly brought me peace. Sheena has a way with the world, both spiritual and physical, and when you meet her, your energy connects. I have had a personal reading done and never have I met a psychic who knew me instantly, like she did. I could not recommend her enough. She's like a looking glass into the big universe, that makes you feel at home."

- Kacy Meinecke (Witchita, KS.) 🔮

"I just really wanted to thank you, so very much, for the amazing reading, your time, sharing your gifts and for being so kind, caring and down to earth. You enabled me to find closure, with past situations and loved ones, who have moved on. You also gave me such beautiful honesty and guidance for the future, regarding my gifts, my path and my journey; which gave me the validation and confidence to keep moving forward. I appreciate your time and genuine gifts, that you continue to use to help others.  I'm so very grateful and sending gratitude, love and appreciation, for all of us that you help and guide. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

- Shirley Wetzel (Rochester, NY.) 🔮

"Sheena was spot on with my readings....will soon do another!" 

- Carl Portzline (Harrisburg, PA.) 🔮

"Sheena is an amazing person with an amazing heart. She is a great teacher and inspiration to me. I have had the pleasure to receive spiritual readings from Sheena and she has always been spot on.  There no sugar coating, or only telling you what you want to hear, she tells it like it is. I have participated in all of her online courses. I also had the opportunity take some of her workshops, in person, and have had the chance to be read live on the air, with her, on one or more of her radio shows. She has helped me come into my gifts and helped me to figure out how to get them under control. Sheena is also a Reverend and once a month, on Saturday, she gives a service called Saturday Night Spiritual. It is at the Founders MCC church, in Los Angeles, and it is live-streamed on Facebook. It is not your typical and "go to church" type of service...we're talking about Sheena, here. You can also find me at Saturday Night Spiritual, in the online chat, helping out. If you happen to have a a question, I am your cyber usher. I grew up, with my family, going to go to church. But, the times I did go, the atmosphere made me feel uncomfortable. Saturday Night Spiritual is for everyone. It doesn't matter what  your age, what religion you are, what nationality you are, or what your sexual's for you. First church that I have ever gone to where I felt like everyone's welcome, no matter what, with open arms. Sheena is always just a phone call away, no matter the time of day. If you need someone to talk to, as a spiritual advisor, all you have to do is reach out to her. If you asked me to describe her, in a song, I would choose 'I'll Be There' and 'Don't Worry Be Happy'. I am proud to call her my friend."

- Kristy Clingerman (Fort Worth, TX.) 🔮

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