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Book A Private Session With Sheena

Sheena is available, throughout the week, for: private readings, mediumship sittings, energetic healings, chakra balancing, intuitive guidance, spiritual counseling, life path clarification, spirit guide identification, past life regression, angelic translation  personal relationship, couples and group coaching, twin flame counseling, animal communication, house blessings/cleansings and more. Her private sessions may be performed via: phone, email, direct messenger and/or face-to-face meetings. Below is more information, about some of the services she offers, including session length and rates. If you’re interested in booking an appointment, with Sheena, you may text her at: 818-437-0886, or email her at:

Psychic-Mediumship Readings/Spiritual Guidance

Sheena is a predictive psychic, spirit-channeling medium and a spiritual counselor. During her private readings, she helps clients with issues of: love, loss, grief, health, self-confidence, enlightenment, spiritual growth, negativity-releasing, prosperity, finances and vibrational uplift. [Rates: $150 per hour/$135 per ¾ hour/$100 per ½ hour/$75 per ¼ hour]    

Energy Healings/Chakra Balancing

Sheena is an energetic healer who specializes in spiritual cleanses, chakra balancing and negativity removal, for human beings and animals alike. During a session, Sheena works to purge the toxicity, from each of your energetic centers, better aligning and balancing your chakras and filling your essence, with positivity and light, in order to help your system to function more efficiently: spiritually, emotionally and physiologically. [Rate: $200 per hour]

Life Path Clarification

Tree Of Life #2.png

Never forget that the Universe has a plan for you. Spirit wants you to spend this lifetime, in a perpetual state of energetic ascension, all the while enjoying each of the joys and comforts that a three-dimensional human life has to offer. This success depends on your ability to find your spiritual path, your life's meaning, your passion and your service. Let Sheena teach you how to walk confidently down your individual spiritual road, all the while amassing life experience, learning lessons, overcoming obstacles and breathing in the Light. [Rate: $200 per hour]

Spirit Guide Identification


Sheena regularly connects with your spirit guides, in order to relay insightful, healing messages, from the wonderful beings that Spirit has assigned to you, at the time of your birth. Your spirit guides are here to aid in your spiritual ascension and bestow vibrational uplift, while keeping you on your path. Let Sheena teach you who they are, how they aid you, in your life, and how you will benefit from their wisdom. [Rate: $200 per hour]

Past Life Regression

Civil War Soldier_edited_edited.png
Native American Man_edited_edited.png
Neanderthal Man.png
Egyptian Queen_edited.png
Indian Woman.png

Your current state of being is just a blip on the timeline, of spiritual existence, that you have experienced, on your celestial journey. You have lived many lives, before this, and you have many lives, yet to come. During a regression, Sheena will take you on a walk through your past incarnate states and help you to better understand how each of those individual's triumphs and challenges, led to to become who you are today.[Rate: $200 per hour]

Angelic Translation

Archangel Michael.png
Archangel Gabriel.png
Angel Wings.png

Spiritual Gift Enhancement/Mentoring

Never doubt that angels are looking out for you. Like their counterparts on the Earth, Angels are are the first responders of the Universe. Angels belong to everyone and are a virtual wealth of celestial knowledge, happy to have Sheena translate their essential messages just for you, about your own life, your loved ones, the human species and the whole of the planet. [Rate: $200 per hour]

Sheena was so fortunate to be mentored as a lightworker, by her mother, who was also an extremely gifted psychic/medium. She is now teaching those same methods, so that you may enhance your own spiritual gifts. Sheena currently offers a variety of private coaching lessons including: controlling your empathy, growing your intuition, tapping into your clairvoyant abilities, knowing how to lift the vibration of you/others, learning to communicate with spirits, developing your healings skills and more. She is also available to coach multiple individuals, during the same session. [Rate: $150 per hour/per person]

Couples/Group Sessions

Sheena is a spiritual counselor and an interfaith minister, who often works with couples, families and friend/work groups. From people dealing with grief/loss looking to contact a deceased loved one, to others hoping to work through a relationship issue, she teaches clients to relate better to each other, while helping them to identify better with themselves. [Rate: $200 per hour] 

Twin Flame Counseling


Every soul is created with its Twin Flame. This unique celestial pairing is designed, by Spirit, to bring each twin love, support and companionship, like you have never known, in this life. However, Twin Flames are designed, not only to be life partners, but to be a mirror for each other's healing and growth, as well as a catalyst for you to discover your higher human purpose. It's not always easy, but Sheena can help bring Twin Flames into a blissful union and help them to launch their dual passion and service. [Rate: $200 per hour] 

Animal Communication

Sheena’s gifts are not only applicable to human beings. She is also a skilled animal communicator, capable of speaking with your non-human companions about their: joys, worries, strengths, weaknesses, health and happiness. From dogs and cats, to birds and fish, horses, snakes and more, Sheena can chat, easily and freely, with any and all of your furry friends. Energetic healings are also available. [Rate: $150 per hour]

House Cleansings/Blessings

The survivor of a negatively active haunted house, Sheena has been spiritually cleaning active haunted locations, both as a psychic/medium and as a paranormal investigator, for many years. Whether you’re looking to cleanse a new location, change the energy in your existing home/office, or you are dealing with a specific spirit energy, Sheena will work to remove any negativity & chaos and restore the peace & tranquility, to your life. [Rate: $200 per hour]

Sessions may be booked for yourself, or you may gift one to a friend. Booking in advance is always recommended if you prefer a specific date/time, for your appointment, as Sheena’s schedule fills up very rapidly. All sessions must be paid for, in advance. Sheena accepts: Venmo, Zelle, PayPal, Cash App, or credit cards (VISA, Mastercard, Discover and/or American Express). Cancelling/rescheduling, with less than 24 hours notice, may result in forfeit of your appointment fee.

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