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About is a global movement, of peace, love, kindness and unity, founded by psychic/medium, interfaith minister and talk radio host, Sheena Metal, and created to elevate the energetic vibration, in hopes of manifesting a gentler, warmer, more light-filled planet. Their mission is to make the Earth a softer, warmer and more harmonious place, for all of its creatures, by placing the focus on human beings, who are striving to grow tranquility, among all living things...and devoting their lives, to being in service, of the world.

We are a planet of diversity, of varied backgrounds and communities, of eclectic tastes and interests...and yet, we are one. We are as much the same, as we are different, and we must come together, to cohabitate civilly, and to heal our country, and the Earth, with compassion. Following the example, of the phoenix rising from the ashes, is pursuing the first steps, in finding true serenity and unequivocal solidarity, among the citizens, of the planet. We beseech people to look inside themselves and to discover the commonality and the oneness, in both our ideologies, and our spiritual, sociological and political belief systems.

We are here to help, but we need your assistance. Your unique, individual, positive energies are appreciated, valued, necessary and absolutely crucial, to the spiritual growth, of this Earth. And this is only the beginning. As our numbers grow, so does our collective vibration. So, please join us at:, and let's make the world a more beautiful, caring and sympathetic place, where all of us may coexist.

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