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Client Information And Guidelines

As Sheena Metal 's spiritual practice has gotten busier and her schedule has grown more full, it’s become necessary to add some information and guidelines, to make sure your session enjoyable, for both Sheena and you.

The following guidelines are currently in effect, as of January 1, 2021.

Sheena's Rates 🔮

The following are a list of Sheena's services and rates:

$150 per hour [Phone or Text]

$135 per 3/4 hour [Phone or Text]
$100 per 1/2 hour [Phone or Text]

$75 per 1/4 hour [Phone or Text]

$50 3 question reading [Text Only]
$25 1 question reading 
[Text Only]

$200 per hour for all specialty services [including: Chakra Balancing, Energetic Healing, Life Path Clarification, Spirit Guide Identification, Couples Sessions, Past Life Regression, Angelic Translation, Spiritual Gift Enhancement/Mentoring, Twin Flame Counseling, Animal Communication and House Blessings/Cleansings]

Unless otherwise specified, the above rates are for a single person session. If you would like to bring extra living people, into your reading, it will increase your session's cost, by $50 per person.

All readings must be paid, in advance, for the full amount of your session. Sheena no longer runs tabs, accepts promise notes, or does readings on credit, nor does she accept partial payments or paying for your session, after your reading. All service rates are firm and no bargaining is allowed. If you currently owe Sheena for a session(s), your debt must be paid, in full, before any other services will be provided to you.

Confirmation of your payment secures your booking and your timeslot. Timeslots can fill up very quickly, so please make your payment promptly, to reserve your desired date and time.

Contacting Sheena 🔮

Sheena's email address ( and cell phone number (818-437-0886 - text only) allow 24-hour access. So, feel free to contact her, about scheduling your session, at any time. As Sheena can get very busy with clients, radio, video broadcasts and TV, please allow a 24-hour window, for Sheena's response. Please note: Sheena responds to text messages more quickly than email, due to the high volume of email that Sheena receives daily.

Sheena has very limited phone time, because she is either with clients, in a session, on-air with her various radio/video broadcasts or taping her new web TV talk show. Therefore, she does not answer client information inquiries, or booking requests, via phone call. Please text Sheena, at 818-437-0886, with any questions you have and she will respond to you, as soon as she can. If you are outside of the U.S.A., you may text Sheena on WhatsApp at: 1-818-437-0886.

As Sheena's spiritual practice has become more busy, she has limited texting time and, as such, is no longer is available to answer questions, via text, that could deemed as a reading. If you have just one reading question (or a few quick questions) that need to be answered, via text, please look at Sheena’s text readings rates listed above.

Scheduling With Sheena 🔮

Book your session, in advance. Currently, Sheena can usually your get reading scheduled, within 24 hours after she receives payment, as her schedule permits. Remember that there is no guarantee that Sheena will get you in, immediately, so please book your session ahead of time.

Sheena absolutely understands that sometimes you are wanting/needing to book a last-minute session and, because of this, she tries to make herself available to clients, as often as she can, during the week. For last-minute inquiries, please feel free to reach out, via text, at your convenience and, if Sheena can get you in immediately, or even that same day/night, she is happy to accommodate you. However, please be patient and understand that this is not always the case and that there are times when Sheena is, either not available to take clients, or is busy with other clients, who have already scheduled, in advance.

Your Session 🔮

All services are provided via phone or text messaging. If you require an on-camera or in-person reading, an additional charge will be added for your session. This fee will be decided on a case-to-case basis, based on day, time, location, length, etc., so please text Sheena at: 818-437-0886, to discuss the details.

Sessions must end at the scheduled time. If you require more time, Sheena may extend your reading, if her schedule permits, provided that you pay for the extra time, before your session continues.

Please be respectful and come to your session, with an open heart, mind and soul. The more open and receptive you are, during your session, the more enrichment and enlightenment you will get from the Spirit messages that Sheena relays.

All readings are strictly confidential. Sheena will not share any details, of your session, with anyone else. Furthermore, Sheena does not record readings or write down any information, about her clients.

No Refunds 🔮

Sheena does not issue refunds for her services or products. If you need to cancel your scheduled session, she will gladly do what she can to reschedule with you, when/if her schedule permits.

Sheena's Disclaimer 🔮

If you are a new client, or you haven't done so already, please read Sheena’s spiritual disclaimer, before your next reading. It is required, by law, that all psychics, mediums, spiritual healers and lightworkers post one and that each client has read it before services commence.

Booking Sheena For An Event 


Sheena really enjoys bringing her spiritual services out of the office and into the world. If you are interested in booking Sheena, for a public event (Classes/Workshops, Parties/Corporate Events, Seminars/Conferences, Fairs/Festivals, Guest Speaker/Visiting Lecturer, Seances/Paranormal Investigations and Television/Radio Appearances), please contact her directly, via email at: or by text at: (818-437-0886) to discuss your event/project and her appearance fee.

Your Referrals 🔮

Sheena's information is public and she loves referrals. So, feel free to pass on her email ( and/or her phone number (818-437-0886) to anyone looking to  connect with Spirit.

Your Testimonial 🔮

If you would like to leave a public testimonial about your experience with Sheena, for her website, please email it directly to Sheena at:

If you have any questions, or require more information, please text Sheena at: 818-437-0886 or email her at:

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