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I Am Raising My Vibration

Nothing is more important than vibration. Learn how to tap into your own and feel your soul strengthen, your emotions deepen and your worries dissipate, to create both the life you want and world in which you want to live.

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Your vibration is the heartbeat of your soul, the rhythm of your emotions, and the spiritual flow of your human existence. Every aspect of your emotional and spiritual enlightenment/evolvement begins with the nurturing and ascension of your personal vibration. But, what is vibration? How do you locate and identify your own? And what does it take to raise it? In truth, learning to elevate your own energetic hum, is a wonderful way to make you happier/healthier, more connected/in-tune, to aid you in possessing an increased productivity/prosperity and to help you to obtain a greater inner-enlightenment...while decreasing your depression, anxieties, insecurities, stress and fatigue. In this workshop, Sheena will first explain the concept of vibration, then help you to isolate and identify your own unique energetic essence, before teaching you how to raise your unique spiritual resonance, to new heights, so that you may increase your emotional joy, physical wellness, spiritual affluence and innate ability to love and to be loved. Most importantly, she will show you how to use your new-found elevated reverberation, to spread your celestial wings and uplift your loved ones/community, as well as rapidly fueling the ascension of the global and Universal pulse...helping to a grow more peaceful, loving, kind and unified planet. This informative and interactive class is only $25. To sign up please text Sheena at: 818-437-0886, email her:, or visit:

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