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I Never Met A Crystal I Didn't Like 

Let crystals aid and guide you, on your spiritual journey, by learning to tap into their specific energetic resonance and potential.

Crystals are one of the most beautiful gifts that the Universe has bestowed upon us, to brighten and enhance our everyday lives. They can be used for daily spiritual maintenance or called upon to remedy a specific wish, goal or need. But, how do you harness the power of these magic rocks, to raise your vibration and make all of your dreams come true...and which stones are best used for each hope, intention and desire? In this workshop, Sheena will help you to understand the emotional and spiritual power and effectiveness of crystals, in both in your daily routine and on your specific path to enlightenment. She will teach you which crystals best serve each required function, of your mind, body and spirit, and how to easily pull the ethereal strength out of each specific stone. Most importantly, Sheena will show you how to incorporate crystals into your spiritual education and ideation, as well as opening your eyes about how to rely upon them, as a essential tool, for your divine ascension, utilizing their mysticism to manifest better health, more happiness, stronger abundance, deeper, meaningful relationships and a harmonious peace of mind. This informative and interactive class is only $25. To sign up please text Sheena at: 818-437-0886, email her:, or visit:

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