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You Are Your Own Best Friend

You are not alone. Remember that when you walk your spiritual path, you are always accompanied by your best friend…you!!


This human existence, that we call our lives, can be overwhelming…and it’s easy to feel alone, in a big world. Because of this, we often look outside of ourselves for acknowledgement, comfort and validation; hoping that another will complete us. It’s certainly important to find love and companionship, in your life, but it’s even more crucial to never forget that true happiness, balance and tranquility come from within. In this workshop, Sheena will show you how to value yourself, respect yourself, love yourself and put you first. She will teach you how to really connect to your own inner core and to strengthen your love of self; so that you may better connect to spirit, draw the right people into your energetic circle and live a life that is equal parts healthy, prosperous and enlightening. Self-love is not selfish and learning to look out for #1, not only makes you more self-aware and self-protected, it makes you a better friend, lover, partner, family member and human being. This informative and interactive class is only $25. To sign up please text Sheena at: 818-437-0886, email her:, or visit:  

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